K. J. Backford

Published on 17 January 2024 at 11:29

About the author

I grew up living in many places around the world. After graduate degrees and a rewarding career in Silicon Valley, I now focus on writing. I strive to combine real-world experience and knowledge to create inspiring characters within interesting, intricate thrillers and mysteries.


The Blackmail Enigma: A Captivating Political Mystery Thriller of Crime, Intrigue & Quest for Justice. (American Tech Executive on Business Abroad Confronts Espionage and Crime Mysteries) Kindle Edition

Hanna Arnol, a Silicon Valley exec, leads an ordinary life.
Until her favorite uncle, her only family, dies unexpectedly.
Convinced his death is no accident, Hanna embarks on a globe-spanning quest to unravel her family’s dark secret.
She finds herself thrown into a world of blackmail, crime, and intrigue.
But don’t underestimate her. Hanna will fight to find the culprit and bring justice.
Fans of Dan Brown’s thrillers like ‘The Da Vinci Code’ will love this globe-spanning thrilling mystery as Hanna races to find the culprit. Read it now and find out if Hanna succeeds.




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