Humanist of the World Organization supports authors, poets, journalists, essayists, artists, painters, illustrators, and photographers  from diverse culture. We provide news, ideas, literary , and opportunities to writers and artists displaying their talented and creative works.

International Literature Language Journal

International Literature Language Journal is a poetry and book promotion group. Advertise poetry and books for exposure and book promotion. The Pinnacle News Review promotes writers featuring special events and news.

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Black And African American Authors Artists Illustrators & Entrepreneurs

Black and African American Authors Artists Illustrators & Entrepreneurs features black and African American authors, poets, artists, illustrators, and entrepreneurs. Promote your books, poems, artwork, illustrations, events, book signings, contests, giveaways, podcasts, business, and anything pertaining to black and African American achievements. We celebrate composition and works of black and African Americans. 

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Poetry Thymes Writing Groups

Poetry Thymes is a group where poets and authors gather discussing poetry, literature, the art of poetry and literature. We welcome all poets, authors, and readers. Members promote, share, advertise poetry and prose, along with other books, images, pictures, quotes, anything contributing to the subjects listed.

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