Our goal at Empowering Education Skills and Programs Organization is to offer top-notch education and skill development opportunities for individuals to maximize their potential. We stand out by prioritizing the teaching of writing skills and education, guaranteeing our clients is ready to succeed.

Empowering Education and Skills Programs Organization

EESP (Empowering Education  Skills and Programs) empowers and educates writers on crafting and honing their skills. Enroll in educational writing programs and utilize YouTube videos to enhance your manuscript writing skills and creativity.
Free educational and writing programs, events, seminars, conferences, weekly lectures, and other opportunities are available for writers and posted on a weekly basis.


Goals and Overview

We prioritize assisting individual writers and encouraging their participation in the writing community.

Support educational and professional initiatives that promote challenging environments in creative writing.

It’s important to respond with rejuvenated support for our ever-growing community of diverse writers, as they bring about positive change within our organizations.

We are dedicated to providing continuous support, services, and programming for creative writers in our communities. 

Empowering Education Skills and Programs



Tamikio Dooley is the president and founder of Tamikio Dooley Writers Coach Organization,  the president and founder of Empowering Education Skills and Programs Organization, and the Director of the International Foundation for Arab Children Organization.


Christian Chidozie Okoro hails from Imo State, Nigeria in West Africa. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry from Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike, Abia State, Nigeria. His love for the success of other humans is top notch. He has a flair for Arts and Literature. However he could be best described as a motivational poet.

Christian as a prolific writer has authored several motivational books, poetry books, as well as fictional books which are aimed at making humans better in their endeavors.

ANGELA KOSTA (ALBANIA - ITALY) Angela Kosta was born in Albania in 1973 and has lived in Italy since 1995. She is a translator, essayist, journalist, literary critic, editor and promoter. She has published 11 books: novels, poems and fairy tales in Albanian, Italian and English. Her publications have appeared in various literary magazines and newspapers in: Albania, Kosovo, Italy, USA, England, China, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Algeria, Poland, Australia, Egypt, Greece, Spain, Tajikistan, South Korea, Hungary, India, Bangladesh etc. Angela Kosta translates and writes articles and interviews for the newspaper "Calabria Live", Saturno magazine, the newspaper "Le Radici", the international magazine "Orfeu", Alessandria Today magazine, the Nacional newspaper, the Gazeta Destinacioni, the magazine Perqasje Italo - Shqiptare , the international magazine Atunis - Belgium, collaborates with magazines in International Literature Language Journal (USA), Morocco, Bangladesh, etc. Angela Kosta is Ambassador of Culture and Peace in: Bangladesh, Poland, Morocco, Canada, Algeria, Egypt, Mexico, etc. Angela Kosta has been translated and published in 28 foreign languages and countries. In the second semester of 2023 alone, she was an author in 78 national and international newspapers and magazines with: poems, articles, interviews, essays, etc...